What is FriskyPaws

"Think of E621 + FA, at least at first..."

Who Am I?

  • CodeSteele
  • 16+ years professional IT experience
  • Background in way too much: programming, virtualziation, security, administration, SaaS, automation, VoIP, compliance, etc.

Our team


Our Goals

  • Individual oriented
  • Community maintained
  • Open development
  • Always improving

Individual Oriented

  • You are the center of the experience
  • Tooling to protect your:
    • Art
    • Chracters
    • Experience

Community maintained

  • Helps maintain information on the site
    • Tags
    • Characters
    • Artists
  • Big involvement with assisting moderation of content
  • A large amount of weight on input for upcoming features

Open development

  • Open development, not open source (maybe someday?)
  • Trello, voting, tracking input from artists and art-lovers alike
  • Very few if any "surprises", constant feedback
  • Open discussion about our stack, tools, etc.

Always improving

  • Main goal: do not go stale, always be reviewing input and improving
  • Community has a large range of great ideas
  • Community also has a lot of needs that no platforms are providing...
    • Potential customers have difficulty tracking artists
    • Artists have difficulty informing customers when they're open effectively
    • Commissioning pipelines are always manually managed
    • Current marketplace solutions are lackluster
    • Protecting your art is difficult

Why FriskyPaws?

  • Current sites don't adapt to user feedback
  • Missing a lot of tooling to improve the way we communicate
  • Ease of moderation tools to help at scale
  • Robustness

"You'll never gain traction"

  • A lot of platforms fail because they only aim to be marginally better
  • Provide a *ton* of reason to move over, not just a handful of things
  • A flashy UI does not attract users
  • Feed back into old platform as much as possible
  • Feed into newer platforms as much as possible (our Discord bot?)

What Makes You Different?

  • The image board is just the beginning, not the end
  • A significant team of skilled individuals to work on it
  • Costs go to working on the platform, not keeping the lights on

So where are we at?

Where are we going?

Alpha / Beta / First Release

  • Expected to have a closed/limited alpha/beta soon
  • Release is expected to be focused around the basics, tagging, uploading, galleries, favoriting, etc

After that?

  • Feedback is going to drive our priority list
  • A lot of stuff in Trello today -- may add more from feedback or just use that to prioritize what is already there
  • Tighter release cycles, release early, release often

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